Why in Kenya, Africa?

WHAT TOOK ME TO AFRICA? In 2011, I randomly received an email from an organization that does volunteer engineering trips in third world countries (www.emiworld.org). In the email, they were looking for an engineer to do an electrical assessment of a hospital. One month from the time I received the email, I was on the ground near Bomet, Kenya to tackle the job. Luckily, my amazing boss at the time let me take the vacation on short notice to go volunteer. As the leader of the trip put it, we were there to kick over rocks looking for snakes. And yes, we did find a few real problems at the hospital that were corrected shortly after our departure. A great trip in general 🙂 And then the photo taking truly began…

IMG_0740 IMG_0222

Suggested Vacation Spots:  Masaai Mara National Reserve – June 2011 SALT SPRINGS MARA CAMP: (http://saltspringsmaracamp.com/ ) If you really have a craving for adventure, I highly suggest the Salt Springs Mara Camp. At the time, it was the only Masaai (native people) owned camp. I was the only person at the camp and had approximately 15 people working there. The food was amazing and the safari tent was great and comfortable. It really felt luxurious yet quite adventurous (no fences around the compound). You’re actually protected by actual Masai Warriors (red blanket clothing). At each meal, you sit in a giant grass topped building (much nicer than I explain it here) that sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking a salt spring. As you sit and enjoy a meal, you see zebra, giraffe’s bending down to drink the salty water, wildebeests, and many other wild animals eating grass beneath you. It was an incredible experience.

Salt Springs Mara Camp  IMG_1311  View from Salt Springs   View from Salt Springs Mara Camp

Fairmont Mara Safari Club Resort: (http://www.fairmont.com/masai-mara-safari/ ) This tour is for the person that likes glamping (glamorous camping). Being a volunteer for the hospital, they gave me half price.. No other way I’d be able to afford the luxurious accommodations that actually look directly down on the Mara River. Many of the (luxurious) tents (with hot water showers btw) have wooden porches overlooking hippos in the waters below. When eating, I highly suggest throwing your bread rolls into the water. A swarm of fish are down in the river quickly devour them. When it comes to Safari, the camp takes guests out in the early morning and at dusk in safari vehicles, even stopping at a place where armed guards follow a rhino to ensure it isn’t poached. As a side option, If you can afford it, they also have hot air balloon rides that literally drop down within 20 feet of the ground and gradually follow the hillsides up. Animals in abundance underneath you. They end with a brunch on a hill that includes a full breakfast with champagne, orange juice.  Yeah, pretty incredible. It all depends on your interests. You can’t miss in Kenya.. IMG_0980  Fairmont Camp  IMG_1201

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