A bit about my greeting cards & postcards:

My goal, simply put, is to get you active. Go explore, go see what you can find in America’s backyard. What better way to do that than by giving you all the details you’d need to have an adventure. On top of that, I like something that’s unique, something a little different. The box chain stores have some really good stuff and I buy them too on occasion. But for me, I wanted to put a different twist on things. My greeting cards include a photo mounted on a 5×7 card that you can directly place into a frame. I also include GPS coordinates / QR Codes of where the photo was taken so you can have your own adventure in the same exact location. Look up the website & see if I have a full itinerary (for free) to get you there. I also equally love good food and coffee, so the bottom of every itinerary includes a list of our favorites in the area. If you have a recommendation of a place I MUST check out, let me know at kellysmith@ieee.org.

A bit about me

Probably best said is that I’m a creative type that loves adventures & exploring. I love to take trips into the mountains and various parts of the world. I’m also a bit of a techy geek (an engineer by trade), so I try to engineer new ways to make these cards & photos even better.

If you wonder why I have pictures in places like Kenya/Africa/Thailand, that’s because of one of my other hobbies. Over the last few years I’ve been spending my vacations in 3rd world locations doing 3rd world engineering projects. From assessments of hospitals to installing hydroelectric generators, it’s been a fun ride.

Contact Information:

Kelly Smith
Email: kellysmith@ieee.org

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