Black Oak Coffee Roasters (Ukiah, CA)

Black Oak Coffee Roasters.

(866) 390-1427|476 N State St, Ukiah, CA 95482

The Basics:

Black Oak Coffee has very smooth in-house roasted coffee that rivals some of the expensive and classy coffee roasters in San Francisco. This is my go to when driving through or staying in Ukiah, CA.

The Black Oak Story:

Driving down main Street on a cool wet winter’s day I set out to find some of the best coffee in Ukiah CA. A Google search of coffee roasters from a previous stay in town yielded a shine of light for my now cold misty surroundings. I see the sign in the distance and pull in.A few steps from my veihcile yelds my first view, the crowning item that catches my first glimpse, the coffee roasting machine well lit by bright light, shining like the Christmas trees sitting the December winter’s from my earlier drive.From entry into the building you find tall ceiling with an open footprint. Loads of room with comfortable couches, wooden tables, wooden ceiling and light blue walls. The combination of the above gives an industrial feel balanced with the warmth of wooden features throughout. Vintage coffee grinders line the walls on an elevated platform and a contrasting color of bright artwork graces one of its walls. A friendly barista greet and welcomes me in as another customer in front of me is glances at the myriad of pastry and sandwich options. My turn in the line puts me in front of the register in between coffee machine and cool cases holding sweet and savory delicacies. When asked for my order I say “Black coffee please”, my all time go to from pouring over my college books in long nights.The order quickly comes back to me in form of my 20oz yeti mug covered in stickers of adventures past. I take a first sip and the sensation of my taste buds smiling happens before my lips can follow suite. The coffee is really good, very smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I went for the light roast and was greeted with a very smooth but full flavored coffee.The barista helping me said her boss John and his friend had bonded over coffee. They lived in Ukiah for many years but didn’t like the coffee options. This specific location was the site of a previous coffee shop that was very popular and brings feelings of nolstalga for local patrons. When John and his friend realized that this coffee shop with roaster (in all its well lit glory) would be closing down, 7 years ago decided to take the leap and make black Oak coffee.My recommendation, take the leap and grab a coffee, thier leavendar latte, or the lovers lane latte (they own a honey business, hence it offers Lovers Lane honey). Enjoy and be merry my friends.

Add ons:

  • Also, be sure to ask for a sticker
  • Dinner: See the Broiler Steakhouse 

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