Trip Planning (California)

California Trip Planning

There are many gems within California that mostly go unnoticed. For instance, did you know Yosemite National Park has 2 secret entrances? One with waterfalls very seldom seen, or the other with a beautiful stream perfect for laying on a raft. Or the Big Sur area has a secret waterfall requiring a person to do some cave exploring to get up to a ledge overlooking the waterfall. I’ve spent a myriad of years travelling, exploring, and having conversations with locals to find the sweet spots my state has to offer.

  • Assistance with:
    • Itinerary Planning
    • Favorite Local Restaurants
    • Fun Side Excursions
      • Beautiful Drives (coast/wildflower)
      • Views that make you say “WOW”
      • Historical Places not to be missed
      • Camping/Hiking/Backpacking
      • Kayaking/Canoeing/Whitewater
      • Fishing Areas (Fly/Bait/Deep Sea)
      • Surfing/Boogie Boarding/etc.
      • Events (extremely fun/music)
      • Snow Sports (ski/board/snowshoe)
      • Rock Climbing/Cave Exploring
      • Off-Road Areas / 4×4
    • Obtaining Maps/Directions
    • Fun, Nice, & even Interesting Accommodations
    • Personal Guide Service
  • Specializing in:
    • Central California Mountains (Yosemite/Sequoia/Sierra National Forrest)
    • Central California Coast (Santa Barbara to San Francisco)
    • San Francisco / Bay Area

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