IMG_1585How I do Photography:

I do photo shoots, but I do them a bit differently. I like to bring aspects of you into the photos. Are you a snowboarder, book reader, baseball enthusiast, interior decorator? Let’s brainstorm and come up with something fun that really gets “YOU” across in your photos.  Here’s how I do photo shoots. I have snacks, drinks, chairs so you don’t get worn out in the process. I also invite creativity. Who knows you better than you? If you see or think of something, let me know and we can come up with something great.

  • I welcome your inspiration, ideas, or I can lead the way.IMG_6681
  • All photo shoots are followed by a personal card thanking you for the opportunity.
  • You get a DVD copy of all the electronic photos in .jpg format.

The Nitty Gritty (Cost):

  • $25/hr brainstorming & travel time
  • $40/hr for the photo shoot & photo improvements (bartering welcome)IMG_8347
  • Cost + 15% – Food/events/adventure/prints

Please email for any inquiries or call 559-260-4996.



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