Adventure Iteneraries

So you’re looking for a good adventure in Northern California, huh? Well, I have a couple of my favorite travel itineraries that are a bit off the map. They include details, directions, recommendations of side attractions, and where I eat nearby when getting off the trail.


Bear Mtn IMG_6207 IMG_3026[1] IMG_6334



  • Mount Shasta/Dunsmuir/Weed/McCloud Area:
    • Hike Mount Eddy (near mt. Shasta)
    • Hike Black Butte
    • Herd Peak (Drive)
    • Goose Nest Peak (old volcano with mini caldera inside)
    • McCloud Falls (all 3 of them)
    • McCloud Reservoir
    • Castle Crags – giant granite spires & mountains. Nor-Cal’s best kept secret
    • Lake Siskiyou – Canoeing/Kayaking
    • Castle Lake – Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Burney/Fall River Mills Area:
    • Burney Mountain Lookout: Gorgeous views of Burney, Redding, & Mt.Shasta
    • Hatchet Ridge: Awesome trail run/hike next to giant windmills!
    • Hiking to Pit River Falls: GPS 40.986747, -121.473201
      • Hike across a suspension bridge, to a giant waterfall, & abandoned metal suspension bridge
    • Canoeing/Kayaking Big Lake & Exploring Adjumawi Lava Springs State Park (least travelled park in the US. Also has lava tube caves)
    • Soldier Mountain Lookout: Beautiful views of the Fall River Valley, Mount Shasta, Big Lake, & Burney.
  • The Essential Mount Shasta Experience:
    • 2 Days in Mount Shasta
    • Full day in Mt. Shasta?
    • 5 hours in Mt. Shasta?
    • 3 hours in Mt. Shasta?
    • 1 hour in Mt. Shasta
  • Yreka:
    • Klamath River Kayaking
    • Lower Wright Lake (difficult hike but amazing fishing)
    • Humbug – Designated 4×4, dirt bike, & quad Area

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